Road Traffic Offences

Dutch traffic legislation is enforced both through administrative fines and through criminal law. As a driver you can be confronted with criminal criminal sanctions if injury has occurred to persons or damage to property, or if you have driven far too fast (more than 30 km/h and on motorways more than 40 km/h too fast). In view of the possibly serious consequences of an accident, such as death or serious bodily injury, the heavy penal sanctions (from disqualification from driving to imprisonment) and possible damage claims from victims, it is very important that you quickly avail yourself of skilled legal assistance. At Spong Advocaten we have a great deal of experience with driving offence cases and all their legal subtleties, for example in relation to concepts as "recklessness" and "gross guilt".

In well-known cases such as the Porsche case with 5 fatalities (1994-1996) and the fatal accident on the A2 motorway (2016-2017), Mr. Gerard Spong achieved great success. Our lawyers are also adept at the more common traffic offence cases such as speeding or driving under the influence.